How to market and sell your landscape photography prints
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How to market and sell your landscape photography prints

Landscape photography is one of those genres that very few photographers tend to shoot professionally. Sure, there are a lot of professional landscape photographers out there, but when you compare that to portraits or weddings, there really ain’t all that many at all. Partly it’s down to not knowing what to sell, but it’s also not knowing how to sell it or price it.

In this video, landscape photographer Nigel Danson goes over the prints he’s sold over the last couple of years to see which have sold the most (and the least) to try and figure out why. He also talks about how he prices his prints in order to get a price that makes it worth his time but also provides good value to the customer.

Landscape photography is a tough market to make a living in. You don’t really have clients in the way that wedding, portrait, event, product or fashion photographers typically do. You’re creating art pieces, putting them out into the world and just hoping somebody buys them.

Because such print sales are typically an online deal where you don’t really interact with the customer, it can be difficult to know why some sell more than others. Are they not selling because the price too high? Is it just bad marketing? Is the image not really as good or have as much public appeal as you think it does? Inversely, why are others so popular? Are you charging too little? Could you be losing out on potential income?

And does a good social media response to an image mean you’re going to sell a lot? Does that social data correlate with the sales data?

Nigel begins the video by starting off with his most popular print, working down to his least popular images and provides a lot of invaluable insight and tips along the way. It’s well worth a watch for any of you landscape photographers hoping to turn your hobby into a decent income.

Do you struggle to sell your landscape prints?


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